We have seen lot of apps having login feature with OTP verification. It automatically verifies user identity and reduces our efforts in Login. We can also implement this feature in our mobile app using Huawei Account Kit ReadSmsManager service. It automatically reads the SMS without adding the SMS Read permission, verifies the user and improves the user experience.

Let us start with the project configuration part:

Step 1: Follow Integrating Text Embedding in Xamarin(Android) project configuration till Step 6 and enable Account Kit in Step 2.

Step 2: Install Huawei Account Kit NuGet Package.

Step 3: Integrate HMS Core…


As we listen Audio edit and extract implementation in Android, we think it will take long time to implement these features and it requires lot of coding experience. But Huawei Audio Editor Kit reduces and smoothen our efforts to implement these features. Huawei Audio Editor Kit provides features like editing, extracting and converting audio in one kit. We can edit audio and set style (like Bass boost), adjusting pitch and sound tracks. It also provides the recording feature and we can export the audio file to the directory. …

What is Text Recognition?

Text Recognition is a technique for automating data extraction from a document or image having text in printed or written format.


Huawei ML Kit provides Text Recognition service which helps to extract text from images and documents. It automates the data entry for credit cards, receipts and business card. It helps users to prevent manually input data into form or add card information while making a payment. Using this feature, we can make applications which will help to recognize passport or tickets on Stations and Airports.

Benefits of Text Recognition:

  1. Elimination of manual data entry.
  2. Error reductions.
  3. Resource saving due…


Huawei Data Security Engine provides feature for secure asset storage and provides file protection as well. This article explains about Secure Asset Storage. It can be used for storing data of 64 byte or less. We can store data like username-password, credit card information, app token etc. All those data can be modified and deleted using Secure Asset Storage methods. Internally it uses Encryption and Decryption algorithms. So we do not need to worry about data security.


  1. Android Studio V3.0.1 or later.
  2. Huawei Device with EMUI 10.0 or later.

Let us start with the project configuration part:


What is Text Embedding?

Text Embedding is a class of techniques where individual words are represented as real-value vectors in a predefined vector space. In this technique, each word is mapped with one vector.


Huawei ML Kit provides Text Embedding feature which helps to get matching vector value of words or sentences. Using this feature, we can improve our research based on the result. It provides similarity between two words or sentences and similar words of a particular word searched. We can also improve searching and browsing efficiency using after getting result related to search text.

Let us start…


While using any application, we see many animations like flip of a view, popup dialog coming from bottom to center and UI shaking etc. It provides a good user experience for developing an app with Animations. This application helps to create animation for Button and Image in Harmony OS.

There are 4 major classes for animation.

  1. FrameAnimationElement: This animation works with series of mages in sequence.
  2. AnimatorValue: This is getting used for animation effect of the component like button and images.
  3. AnimatorProperty: It can be used to set animations with a single or multiple properties of a component.
  4. AnimatorGroup


This application helps to create Service Ability (which runs on main thread) and sending data from Service Ability to Page Ability. It uses thread to get data from server inside Service Ability and then passes the same data to UI.

Key features of this application:

  1. Create Service Ability.
  2. Create Thread inside Service Ability.
  3. Get the data from network inside Thread.
  4. Connect Page Ability with Service Ability and get data on Page Ability.


  1. HUAWEI DevEco Studio
  2. Huawei Account


Step 1: Create ServiceAbility which extends Ability.

Step 2: Register your ServiceAbility inside config.json file inside abilities array.


Huawei App Messaging provides features to notify active users with messages like popup, image and banner. It helps to improve the business and user engagement on the app. We can implement this feature for Restaurants and Online food Order application to provide some offers and promotions on food or restaurants. We can provide advertisements using Huawei App Messaging to improve business.

It also provides more controls on showing app messages. We can set time, frequency(How many times a day message will be shown) and trigger event (when to show the app message on application like App Launch, App First…


Sometimes while using the mobile application, app gets crash automatically. This is very annoying if we are doing some important work. So to improve our app quality, we need to minimize crashes as much as we can.

To minimize the crash in the application, we need the crash information and the details of that crash. Huawei Crash Service provides feature to detect app crashes and its details on App Gallery. It also records exception which application through. Using crash and exception details, we can fix it in our application and it will help to improve the quality of the…


Huawei App Linking provides features to create cross-platform link, which can be used to open specific content in Android, iOS app and on the web. If user has installed the app, it will navigate to particular screen, otherwise it will open the App Gallery to download the app. After downloading, it will navigate to proper screen.

It increases our app’s traffic after sharing the link, user can easily navigate to the app content which increases our apps screen views. Also users not need to search for the same app on the App Gallery.

You can create App Link in…

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